“Belinda was quick to analyse and recommend a critical improvement that has made a significant difference. It was a ``light bulb`` moment for me. Worth its weight in gold.” Peter Edwards, Suncorp

Meet me, Belinda Bow:
Woman on mission.

I’m passionate about life, madly in love with my family, a marketing industry veteran and dedicated to my chosen charities.

Plus I’m the founder of Green Chilli Marketing and the associated franchise (Australia’s first marketing business-in-a-box franchise).

On work and life.

I don’t subscribe to the notion of work/life balance because I don’t believe it exists. Instead I know that life and work are a continuum, with ebbs and flows, the only difference being that clients are willing to pay for my help.

When clients are in a spin and unsure of how to navigate the marketing maze, I’m the person they turn to for the ideas that will make their brands sing. I think watching businesses thrive is one of the most satisfying feelings a marketer can have, especially when you know you helped.

Being a Certified Practising Marketer and an Associate Fellow with the Australian Marketing Institute gives me the credentials to help others be CEOs of their own lives and deliver some innovative marketing to up the ante for brands.

Loving what you do.

For me, work isn’t something you do; it’s living to do something you love.

Over the years with Green Chilli Marketing I’ve worked with a diverse range of industries, from IT and Human Resources to Financial Outsourcing, Joint Venture projects, Education, Insurance, Retail, B2C, B2B and more.

I revel in creating hot marketing that helps businesses to thrive, and enjoy a creative and collaborative approach to position brands to maximum effect. I think it’s the creativity in marketing that I love; that chance to look at a business, find the unique or special, the point of difference, then find an ingenious way to get that message across to the right audience.

Making time.

When I’m not working with exceptional clients, I help my chosen charities with their marketing. I understand the value of giving back and how helping out enriches my life.

Choosing my own work/life path also allowed me the freedom to write, But she still has time for me, my book that helps mothers to help children understand that they don’t come second in their mothers’ lives.

Belinda x