But she still has time for me –

a story about mums and their infinite love for their children.

When I became a mum, I was overwhelmed with questions and guilt… Am I doing enough? Will they be ok? What more can I do? Do I work too much?

But then I realised that I was just doing the best I could… which is all anyone can expect.

I wrote “But she still has time for me” to help mums and their kids understand that that is what life is about – just doing what you can. Whether you go out to work or are a stay-at-home mum, your role is valued and you’re doing the best you can for your kids.

Let’s face it, as mums we seem to work all hours, but irrespective of what we do, we make the time to spend with our children and we still want to make each of our kids feel valued as an individual.

The message of the book is really simple.

Children will be reassured their mums love them and want to spend time with them – regardless of how frantically busy they may be sometimes.

In addition to this, I want to honour mums everywhere, making choices to live their lives and to stay true to their authentic self at home, at work and at play. We can still put our physical and mental wellbeing and family first without sacrificing a life of our own, a rewarding career or home life.

I really hope you enjoy reading this with your kids as much as I did writing it.