Author Belinda Bow: Telling it like it is.

Hi, my name is Belinda Bow. Apart from pure marketing (where I’m well-known as a marketing industry professional), I’m often asked to contribute articles to books, other printed publications and online websites of professional bodies.

To give you an idea, I’ve listed a few of these articles below:

Work life made for you | Published by Dynamic Business

Work/life balance is complete crap: Here’s a better idea | Published by Womens Agenda

How to be taken seriously as a professional  | Published by Professional Mums

Making mother time | Published by The Newcastle Herald

Improve the love/hate relationship with your business | Published by Dynamic Business

How to protect your franchise (and not scare your customers away) | Published by Business Franchise Australia

How to apply mindfulness in your business (it isn’t all weird Jedi mind tricks and fairies!) | Published by Australian Anthill

It’s okay to want to make money | Published by HerBusiness

Smart marketing tips for SMEs | Published by mybusiness

Did you choose your business or did your business choose you | Published by Business Franchise Australia

My newest baby:
But she still has time for me.

Being a working mother doesn’t mean that you don’t have time for your family. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that. My book, But she still has time for me, is all about reassuring yourself and your family that, no matter the work pressures, your love for your family never wavers.